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Liquid is owned by Swiss Providential and has its domiciles in Luxembourg & the British Virgin Islands. Liquid is an umbrella Investment Management Company that provides the Swiss Providential base of Institutional Investors with requisite Capital Market Instrumentation through the securitization of assets and securities for investments & management. Liquid is a structured hedge fund that invests in both debt and equity positions downstream. Liquid’s main module is to provide requisite regulated and compliant silos for feed into private equity, debt, structured debt and other asset classes. 


Liquid sub funds issue to our Institutional Base a diverse range of Capital Market Asset Classes with underlying Derivatives, Cash Flows and other requisite cash dominant modules for capital infusion, distribution and management. Liquid issues securitized issuances with a wide range of asset backed securities based on a large and wide market spectrum. Liquid Issuances host strong credit risk underwriting and shadow ratings through well defined credit enhancement models adopted to ensure a risk free investment environment for Fixed Income Debt Capital Market Investors. 

Liquid provides a structured solution base in creating synthetic investment platforms for the Infrastructure & Real Estate Markets with regulated partnerships worldwide. 

The global capital market investors are far more leveraged in position in synthetic investments and pooled synthetic trusts of REITS, MLPs, INVITS, are now looked at with better positioning for hedge, equity & hybrid markets. 

Synthetic Trust Offerings are structured platforms that combine the originator pool of cash available for securitisation and formation of structured liquidity. 


With a range of regulated partnerships, Liquid provides a defined solution to Originators & Portfolio owners covering greenfield, brownfield & yielding portfolios & developments. 


Liquid structures provide a highly sophisticated and bespoke financial engineering that allows access to private placements & liquidity from our Institutional Base of Capital Markets. 


Asset Management 

Asset lifecycle Management through globally renowned asset managers of tangible assets & institutional quality underwriters


Placement Management

The LIQUID global blue chip networks provide a structured solution of placement offerings through Securitisation Trusts of Synthetic Infrastructure & Real Estate Trusts. Managed through downstream Regulated Book runners & Investment Banking Networks for structured finance products and bespoke bond structures & issuance


Risk Placement & Management

Credit Derivatives & Hybrid Securities formatives through liquid credit option placements. Lloyds Of London & captive insurance & re-insurance products. Bespoke Credit Risk Management solutions and other enhancement product integrations. 



The LIQUID Products also create silos based on securitisation and tranching systems & derivatives. Formation of Spreads on the Equity Tranche through acquisition of the Debt [Senior Tranche]. The Credit Options base is structured on a Super Senior Tranche and is a financially engineered product.




Investors are issued a security which yield and a value are linked with the future cash flow (usually a discounted cash flow).


The security pays a coupon (or an appreciation in value of a zero-coupon bond) with a yield depending on the future cash flow securitized by the SPV.


The securitisation SPV may also raise capital by issuing securities which proceed will serve to fund a company, a third party activity or an investments into such a future cash flow.


The value of acquisition of the future cash flow is usually calculated upfront by a discount of the future cash flow as an immediate payment. The investors obtain a yield taking into consideration the uncertainty of receiving such future income streams.


Investors buy the future income streams, the yield and the risk associated with the returns.


The securitisation SPV acquires rights and assets linked with infrastructure projects or social responsible investments and issue securities to Investors who are interested in the opportunity of buying some risks linked with real estate projects like :


Real-estate object, Trophy assets,

Yield generating assets [Luxury Hospitality, Luxury Charters, Private equity real estate (PERE)]. 


Infrastructure Assets

Factory, warehouse, data center,

Infrastructure/Real Estate Leasehold, long lease,


The issuances is linked to natural resources such as metals (gold, silver, titanium, etc), energy (petrol, gas) and others.


The issuance of securities will be linked directly or indirectly with the value of the commodities held by the SPV.


The SPV may also participate in issuance of securities which yield is linked with:


the finding of resources (like future mining proceed, drilling, etc)

the value of the resources on a forward market/index

the result of the sale of a future stock of commodities

the risks linked to a natural resource shortage

the risks to the realisation (or not) of a climatic change, catastrophe (CAT BONDS)


The SPV issues a security to investors and they will receive a return on their investment which is funded and secured by the yield generated by resources (or the risk or the future cash flow) acquired by the SPV.


The securitisation SPV may acquire assets linked with any type of Tangible or financial instruments and issue securities to Investors that are linked with the value of such movable properties or instruments among which constitute:


Financial instruments or a derivative contract

Securitisation of an equity stake, a share in a partnership, a bond portfolio

Any type of derivative instruments

Units of a mutual fund – shares in a investment fund

Capital raising instruments, CPECs, Private Equity Certificate


The Module

The core of the Desk

A sophisticated platform module is adopted by Liquid to cater a diverse portfolio and asset range that helps us originate a major transaction pipeline that is unmatched in the financial markets. Swiss Providential as the managing trust hosts a global array of corporations and multi national partnership range that helps our business model enhance with a range of securities to be generated against a wide yield potential. Swiss Providential and its underlying Investment management and infrastructure arm; the Liquid Desk has been created solely to cater the capital needs of the expansion of the Investing Brand; EMMAR; alongside providing all requisite regulatory and transparent audit modules to our Qualified Investor Base. 

The Liquid Holding Structure

The Liquid Desk; Holding structure of LIQUID works in close conjunction with globally leading institutional investors across the markets of North America, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Asia. 


The Capital is originated through our Debt Capital Market Partners through our regulated private placement structure. Liquid State, our Securitisation Vehicle structured for a Multi-Compartment module issues requisite debt, equity linked & hybrid issuances to facilitate our Institutional Investors to investing capital based on our underlying futures and cash flows based and modelled through bankruptcy remote SPICs, SPACs and Regulated Funds*. 


Yielding Assets in Wind, Solar, Gas Based and Green Conversions

Alternative Markets

Structured Debt, Equity Linked Securities, Convertibles, Private Equity, Venture

Infrastructure - Corporation

Investing in core investment and development corporations with a global purview in renewable energy, energy markets

Real Estate

Luxury Hospitality, Destination, Entertainment

Capital Markets

Debt, Equities & Hybrids


Private Equity, Asset Building, Venture Capital


Infrastructure Markets

Power Generation


Transmission - Distribution

Urban Transport


Hotel exterior

Estate Markets

Luxury Hospitality 

Destination Real Estate

Retail Entertainment 

Infrastructure Based Estates

Independent High Value

Institutional Financial

Asset Management 

Banking & Fiduciary 

Prime Brokerage 

Digital Banking 


Investment Segments

DIRECT INVESTMENTS - Private Equity, Independent Assets & Portfolios 


Power Generation Assets 

On Shore & Off-Shore Wind, Solar Utility Scale, Gas Based, Waste To Energy


Transmission & Distribution Assets 

Grid Consolidation & Transmission - Distribution 


Urban Rail 

Alternative Urban Transportation Systems

Origination Segment


Investing to acquire assets existing and yielding in the markets of the above mentioned segments. 



Acquiring Assets which are ready for Greenfield development of assets in the above segments. Turnkey Development and Management of Assets through our Development Companies. 



Acquiring Synthetic or Primary Issue Infrastructure Investment Trusts with underlying holdings of Portfolios of Assets within the above market segments. 



Investing in Asset Backed Securities, Compulsory Convertibles, Debt Issue and Structured Debt Products with underlying Assets and Derivatives from the mentioned market segments. 

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