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Legacy private trust domiciled in Switzerland, established in 1931; Providential is owned and managed by Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan through his private family office; Emmar Family Offices & in partnership with Mr. Mesrop Nerkararian; Operating Managing Trustees of the Trust Company. Swiss Providential was acquired to create a regulated investment and asset management platform downstream to cater the investment strategies of the Family Offices of the Trustees. Swiss Providential brings in a regulatory and operational framework that provides all requisite infrastructure to the family offices' investment strategies and is the integrated asset holding and management company of the Trustees

The business and investment modules are structured and managed by the Emmar Family Offices, India; and the investments are driven through a single file holding structure domiciled in the BVI under the brand name of Emmar. 

Emmar is a company established by Mr. M.R. Narayanan and Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan in the year 1976 as a family run business house. The Company has remained one of the pioneer institutions in India, introducing European technology during the Industrial Growth Era of the Country. Emmar has played a vital role in developing technology driven production and maintenance in the Industries of Railways, Aerospace, Defence and General Heavy Engineering spanning Power, Steel, Logistics and other major infrastructure feeding industries. 

The Family generated its wealth from its business revenues and profits and in 2014; the Family Offices was established to expand the holding company into global markets through acquisitions, mergers and investments. The Family also envisions and manages sophisticated structures in creating risk management modules owing to our technological expertise allowing us to position as a bespoke investor in the infrastructure fixed income markets. 

The Family Offices was modelled by Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan and in collaboration with Mesrop Nerkararian; Emmar has expanded its institutional investor base with a global market purview. In order to cater our growing requirements globally; a natural transition to expansion through acquisitions is our core ideology in the business operations. The aim is to creating assets for the family offices of the Trustees and to creating a well defined succession planning; the Trust is defined to operate a state of the art investment house under the banner; THE LIQUID DESK. Domiciled in Luxembourg; the trust manages securitisation platforms and regulated funds for global investments by the Family Offices Owned Investment Vehicles and Acquisition Vehicles. 

Built with a globally amalgamated investor structure including insurance, re-insurance for financial credit risk underwriting and technological partners for operations and maintenance of globally positioned assets in power generation, transmission and distribution, urban transport and other markets of Oil & Gas, Steel; Providential is born from an integrated view of merging tech and finance to provide our qualified investors with high quality portfolio constructs. 

The Providential owned compartments invest in capital market instruments with structured derivatives from infrastructure, luxury hospitality, healthcare and other select markets. With a four os equity and debt linked securities with underlying asset backed positions; Providential is a sophisticated global investor in both a passive and active stance. 

Private Equity 

Investing in leading global private corporations or the unlisted stocks of the companies. Our target markets typically focus on companies in the development and management of large scale infrastructure assets spanning Power Generation, Energy, Transmission & Distribution; while we also have a target spectrum spanning Healthcare & Luxury Hospitality. 

Part of our inorganic growth model and a structure with our alternatives strategy; our selection of stocks in the private space is based on the Company's history, performance, risks, management structure & culture, expansion plans and their management of underlying debt structures on their leverage return platforms. While these are some of the main criteria we look to match; a host of factors do come in play to base our investments on. 

Equity Linked Securities 

A strategic positioning in our investment modules; a host of global corporations and portfolio owners look for tactical positioning of capital. The capital could typically be for cash enhancements, risk mitigation, restructuring equity of the company owned assets, reducing equity exposure by the promoters, holdings or public; a whole host of structured requirements are a part of our strategy on investing in Equity Linked Securities. Securities with payments linked to a market benchmark are offered across the investment industry. A market-linked security can have payments linked to any type of market benchmark. An issuer could structure a market-linked security to make payments based on an equity benchmark.


A strategic approach to our investment strategy is to invest in convertibles, ranging both; compulsory & structured convertibles. The model allows us to expand our investment range into large asset pools, portfolios, corporations, asset management companies and other fields of interest. This falls into the alternative investment strategy of our investment modules. Convertibles also allow large asset portfolios to creating tactical positions in the Capital Markets access through our Investment & Acquisition Vehicles under our Trust. 

Securitised Debt/ELS/Convertibles 

Apart from the standard capital market instruments, securities; Swiss Providential invest in Securitised issuances through our Luxembourg Units. We work closely with a range of our markets to creating and managing structured products that allow for cash flow dominant assets in formulating strong asset backed securities. 


A major portion of our strategies lie in acquiring companies of interest. Our focus lies in private equity and is a part of our inorganic growth module. 

Bespoke Products

The Trust hosts a strong capital markets network that invests with our ideology driven path based on our capacities to secure investors with our underlying base of diverse derivatives and asset backed securities, sovereign and private issue notes.


A typical strategy adopted to keep a major portion of our investments directed to credit rated and secure fixed income potential.


Equity, Debt and Free Cash flow linked securities, Insurance linked and other modules that are typically utilised by sophisticated investors, developers and asset managers. 

Equity Debt
Bespoke Hybrid
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