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Swiss Providential Trust AG is established and structured as the consolidated investment management and distribution entity for the Investment Holdings of the Emmar Family Offices LLP & Nerkararian Capital. The Trust has been established to provide all requisite infrastructure to creating regulatory compliance and investment - asset management integration to the businesses and ventures, investments, held by the Investment Holdings. The Investment Holding Company; Gosakan Narayanan Capital Holdings Ltd., BVI is owned and operated by the Family Offices and hosts all of its activities through the brand name of Emmar. 

The Trust Administration

The Trust consolidates and distributes, manages and reports assets and wealth generated by the Managing Trustees through their fully owned Investment Houses & Family Offices. The Assets span fixed income classes to on-ground assets in Real Estate, Power Generation, Entertainment & Healthcare. This spans holdings in the form of shares, debt securities, commodities, physical assets and more. 


Self Regulating

While Swiss Providential is a SRO, the Trust primarily is a full holding structure to the Managing Trustee owned Businesses, Ventures, Wealth and Assets. 


The Trust owns and manages a private label LIQUID for the structured management of investments of the Investment Companies owned by the Managing Trustees. Providential also provides solutions to the Ventures and Investment Vehicles with all required products for issuance of capital market issuances. Providential works with some of the worlds leading custodians, brokerage and banking houses offering structured access to a large range of Institutional & Qualified Investor Base. 



Long term investment strategies is the core focus of the Families that own the Swiss Providential. Providential structures and distributes capital and wealth to long investment strategies spanning Debt, Hybrids, Equity, Equity Linked Securities and other Asset Class spectrums with cash dominant positions underlying. Wealth is generated by the Families through arbitrage, returns on investments from the global investment companies owned fully.

Integrated Existence

The Trust is structured to integrate and manage as an umbrella holding all of the businesses and ventures of the Families it manages. The Trust provides all reporting, audit formats for global taxation, AMLA & other regulatory and compliance factors to be consolidated for the Companies owned by the Families. The Swiss Providential consolidates all revenues, profits, arbitrage, assets including non-bankable assets such as Art and other Luxury Commodities with bespoke market valuations on behalf of the Families. 


One of Switzerlands oldest Hybrid Financial Institution; a business structure developed solely to invest in global Single Family Offices, Corporations, Structured Investments in Synthetic Trusts and Sovereign Vehicles for Development and Management. A unique institution with global reach to proprietary capital markets and major international banking partners from Asia, Europe & North America. 


Swiss Providential is a bespoke fiduciary self regulated & administered under the supervisory of the FINMA. 


Bespoke Investor

Passive Investor

Swiss Providential is a bespoke institutional investment house that has a deep focus to investing in a wide range of markets. With its Capital roots well established with major banking partners; Swiss Providential has access to some of the world’s most sophisticated tactical liquidity options that allow us to invest, acquire & provide a bespoke partnership solution to large corporations in originating and managing high levels of liquidity. 

Active Investor

Swiss Providential manages a fully owned range of downstream fund of funds modules that allow us to invest in compartmentalized capital market issuances. Our investment ideology spreads across a well defined segment of the market spectrum comprising Luxury Hospitality, Infrastructure Fixed Income and Alternative Investments including and not restricted to Luxury Leasing, Art, Bullion & Other segments of Industrial & Infrastructure Commodities. 

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Emmar Family Offices; Private Family Offices of Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan represents and manages the global businesses and wealth generated from these businesses on behalf of the Promoter and their Family Trust. The core ideology is based on investing in assets on a global scale for structured annuity yields and portfolio construction. 




Nerkararian Capital; Private Family Offices of Mesrop Nerkararian. The Venture Base is owned through a consolidated holding company and managed by the Members. 

Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan

Founder-Promoter & Managing Trustee

Gosakan Narayanan [Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan] is the founding member of the holding and the Managing Trustee of the trust company. Second generation entrepreneur and founder of the Family Offices owned Investment Company; Gosakan Narayanan is a post graduate with education completed from Scotland, United Kingdom. With a work history since 2005; Gosakan Narayanan headed the Marketing & Branding of Emmar a family owned concern and has successfully completed over 25 turnkey solutions across India and Asia in the field of Railways, Defence in establishing integrated capital assets. Having formed global collaborations with leading corporations such as Hyundai, Posco, Marubeni, Hitachi and other majors; Gosakan is focused on the growth of the Investment Company and manages all of the global acquisition initiatives and structured products to origination of tactical liquidity from the capital markets. 

Mesrop Nerkararian

Joint Promoter - Managing Trustee 

Mesrop comes in with over 18 years in real estate advisory and broking. Mesrop manages the company’s reach to the global debt capital markets. Hosting a massive network of institutional investors ranging the Partners Group, Blackrock, CPPIB and others alongside a network with global trading desks at JPMC, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley among other major banking and trading partners; Mesrop has developed a strong capital base for Providential being positioned as a global leader in Institutional Investments worldwide through our in house range of White & 

Private Labels, Investment & Acquisition Companies. 

Mesrop started his activities in renewables in the early 2000s in Asia where he founded his advisory firm and developed and sold rooftop and utility scale PV and has advised and raised capital for in excess of 5 GW of renewable projects across all continents. 

An MBA Graduate from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and his PHD in Economics at the University of Queensland; Mesrop brings in and manages all relations with our global debt & equity capital market partners. 

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