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Investing a global range of debt & equity; The managing trusts and family offices offers a unique alternative position for large cap transactions worldwide. We bring a high degree of sophistication in our operational expertise and our approach to offering a diverse base of liquidity options for sale, purchase & mergers.


Our global position in Investment Management lies in our unique approach and in managing debt capital markets with a qualified investor base. Our global investments are driven by our Luxembourg Umbrella Feeder; fully owned and managed by the Trust. Our umbrella feeders invest through our downstream distribution and asset management verticals under LIQUID managed by Swiss Providential Trust AG. 


The debt capital market investments are driven through our bespoke debt issuances that are based on our underlying investment and income strategies. While our issuances are typically fixed income strategy to our Institutional Investors, we provide our Qualified Base with robust underwriting to our Issuances. Our issuances are spread on medium term notes, bonds, structured debt notes that are linked to underlying derivatives from a varied market base. 

Our Underlying Management Company employ a large network of globally renowned underwriting companies that provide us with strong credit risk management, enhancement and a robust default management module to ensure that our bonds are paid well in time and maintain a steady tenure, yield and protect from any losses the markets may face. 

While our downstream ideology is driven on a multi strategy; we also employ highly structured products that provide strong credit risk management and distribution. 


A master-feeder fund is a common special purpose entity utilised to raise capital or subscription from investors into a centralised vehicle known as a master fund.

Separate investment vehicles also known as feeders are established for each group of investors.


The feeder funds invest their assets into the master fund which is then responsible for making all portfolio investments and/or conducting the investment trading activity.

Feeder funds investing in the same master fund have the option of choice and variation which means that they may differ in:

investor type : eligible investor or institution or qualified or per country

fee structures : management fee, distribution fee, performance fee,

investment minimums : public, retail or professional net asset values

; and various other operational attributes : lock up, gate, etc.

This entails that feeder funds do not have to stick to a specific master fund but can function legally as independent entities with the ability to invest in numerous different master funds.

Management and performance fees are usually paid at the feeder-fund level but can also be paid at the master fund level.

While our downstream ideology is driven on a multi strategy; we also employ highly structured products that provide strong credit risk management and distribution. 


Securitised Bonds 

Liquid Asset Management vehicles downstream assist in the construction of portfolios. The portfolio constructs are designed to host cash dominant assets to provide the requisite derivative to the upstream issuance and investment management modules adopted by our Trust. The securitisation process is driven with and under the laws of securitisation at Luxembourg and it provides a sophisticated underwriting of the assets driven to the portfolio. These are typically herded through synthetic vehicles. The vehicles are transferred with assets and these are bonded through our tranching systems and a bespoke asset backed security is created for underwriting at the feeder level. 

The feeders then issue the master capital market instruments for private placement. Our process is driven through a well defined roadshow, a pre-launch system that helps our investors define and underwrite their risk appetite. We provide all requisite support in creating the requisite risk transfer mechanics that allow the institutional investors to feed into a fixed income system of investments. 

The securitisation is also undertaken with underlying in-take of equity linked, insurance linked and debt linked securities, commodity pools and others that are driven upstream for risk management and consolidated issuance for capital. 

LIQUID is a key system installed working with global banks, securitisation companies, auditors, law firms and other major requirements such as custodial, escrow, issuing & paying agents as a part of the technical requirements of bond underwriting, issuance, placement, distribution and revenue management. 

Asset Backed Securities

Structured ABS issuances with underlying cash flows from debt or equity linked securities and assets that provide our investors with requisite yield structures for fixed income potential. 

Structured Notes

With underlying acquisition potential; Capital Market issuances for our underlying acquisition vehicles with requisite credit risk underwriting allows us to place shadow rated debt issuances from our hedge fund modules. 

Medium Term Notes

In conjunction with major banking partners and specialised book-running; our structured capital market issuances are based on underlying assets from a wide market spectrum. Synthetic dematerialised securities with underlying yielding assets, real estate assets and other asset classes based on structured requirements. 


With our global institutional partnerships; we invest in a global range of equities from listed corporations, we offer a full purview private placement potential for alternative liquidity offerings. 

Securitised Bonds

Our Captive Luxembourg SICAVs allow us to create and manage securitized bonds with underlying cash flow modules from debt, equity or hybrid structures. Securitization incorporated by our bespoke models allow our institutional base to invest in super senior tranches for fixed income, credit enhanced and risk managed. 

Bespoke Convertibles

Convertibles is a core focus market space for our structured investment modules. Bespoke convertible issuances with underlying fixed income potential is a major market position for our white label ideology. 


Defining the asset backed security; creating and managing the requisite compartmentalisation, formation of the senior and super senior tranche modules for highest rating potential. Full application to management of the ABS in terms of the portfolio construction and defining the cash flow priorities. 


Formation of the underlying sub funds to cater the regulatory purview of deployment, management of the regulations to FATCA and the purview of supervisory of domicile FCA, SEC or FINRA. The structure is managed by our FCA Regulated Investment Managers . The Regulatory is a key factor of our investments


The Structured Origination of the ABS to creating the requisite DCM instrument, the process of creation and definition of credit risk, management & enhancements required; Formation of the instruments, management of the registrations and execution through the clearing houses. Listed Corporation issuances for secondary market purview


Convertibles, Structured Asset Management, Formation of Underlying Asset Portfolios and constructions. Modelling the structured notes for readiness to credit risk underwriting and credit enhancements, pass through securities placements and swaps. 

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Sustained Investing

01/19 - 01/23

OTC Derivatives ranging asset backed securities, synthetic trusts & holding portfolios, securitized bonds & notes, forwards, swaps & exotics, compulsory convertible notes, equity & debt linked, insurance linked securities, collateralized debt, fund, mortgage options; specialised portfolio establishments & securitized instruments, cash dominant portfolio repacs

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01/19 - 01/23

Providential's external asset managers & executions partners provide a full service regulated asset management & execution infrastructure & back office module. With our capacities to manage a wide range of assets and securities issued globally and our end to end product that provides our liquid & illiquid asset base a complete access to our debt markets and institutional base; Emmar is a boutique yet strong investor in the world markets. 


Alternative Market

01/19 - 01/23

Alternative Capital Markets; non traditional structures and market diversity has been the core ideology of the Providential Trust. Promoting our sophisticated structures to underwrite and provide our investors with risk managed capital market instruments with underlying asset backed securities and asset portfolios under management has made our institution a unique active investor in the global market space. 

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Pass through securities; managed through our regulated range of credit backstop and guaranty packages

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Private Placement of Debt 

& Equity Capital Market Instruments

Business Meeting


Structured M&A Financing and Investments

Morning Rush Hour


Structured placement f Insurance & ReInsurance products on select cash flow potential and Asset Securities

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Full Service underwriting with credit default management, shortfall risk management, geopolitical risk management

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Sale - Lease Back solutions for luxury commodities and products. 



Bonds ranging Corporate Listed/Securitized; Medium Term Notes, Long Term Notes, Structured Debt Instruments, Credit Default Swaps & Enhancements, Convertible Bonds, Treasury. 



Asset Backed Securities issued through synthetic Infrastructure & Real Estate Trusts form a major forum of our investment ideologies. Backed with requisite pass through securities & credit enhancers. 


Structured Notes

Bespoke Debt notes issued by Financial Institutions ranging banks and other development and asset management, private equity institutions. 


Financial Architecture

Gosakan Narayanan Capital Advisory provides a full range of regulated structures and solutions to global corporations and Governments in structured capital liquidity infusions and management. 

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Buy-Sell Trade & Management; operated under our Umbrella Fund of Hedge with a specialised range of fully owned trading desks and regulated through the FCA. 



Structured Acquisitions focused on Fixed Income Asset Portfolios. A global market range of asset backed securities and convertibles originating from the markets of Infrastructure ranging Power, Energy Assets, Real Estate Spanning Luxury Hospitality and Destination Estates; Institutional ranging Asset Management Corporations, Private Banks and Other Alternative Markets. 

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Buy Sell Trades to the capital markets secondary space; solutions in credit enhancements, credit risk management, structured solutions to underwriting complex or illiquid asset portfolios with future cash potential; our structured advisory arm provides a comprehensive end to end solution to the markets of liquidity offerings. 

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