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Investing in Legacy


The Family Office is focused on both an organic and in-organic growth module. However; our key intent lies in investments in legacy. History of a company plays a vital and pivotal role in growth, sustenance and expansions. Our ideology is to invest and acquire positions in globally leading corporations, entities; focused on developing assets that are hosted on passion, intent and fixed income potential. We have a market intent with Power Generation and Energy in the Infrastructure space, Luxury Hospitality in the Realty and Healthcare, Pharma in the Alternative space. We believe that Equity investments are best driven to management focused institutions that hold and manage underlying portfolios. However; The Trust itself comes with a long lineage of business intent from its founding member; Emmar. This also allows us to acquiring downstream assets and with our network of management corporations worldwide; the module also serves on our investment strategies. 

Private Equity

Investing for growth in private equity is one of our key target markets. While Equities on a whole are fair game; Private Equity allows us to select and work closely with management and also allows us closer transparency to the downstream workings of the assets under management. We focus on Private Equity through active and passive investment modules and host a strategic team focused on investing and managing the portfolio and holdings. Our strategy is based on investing with legacy in terms of holding positions in development corporations while our direct active portfolios are based on investing in assets that offer cash dominance through its production and management. 

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