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Founders & Promoters Emmar; Mr. M.R. Narayanan & Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan. The Founders established EMMAR as a family business which is now restructured and managed under the Swiss Providential Umbrella and owned by Emmar Family Offices, India.


M.R. [EMMAR] NARAYANAN [1939-2022]


The Legacy of Emmar is built on humble beginnings and wealth generated from strong business ethics and professionalism. M.R. (Emmar) Narayanan's legacy to the Company and the future is simple to its core belief systems of hard work, family first and relentless business development no matter the head winds. M.R. Narayanan and Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan have created a platform that only hosts one trajectory; UP. We hold in highest regards not just their business, but their personalities and kindness. Wholesome entrepreneurs with the ideology of a foundation, wide and firm with the roots in ethical operations and steady growth. Our biggest assets and wealth is their  forward transition of core human values. 

New York Capital Markets
People Moves Concept Promoterd By Emmar

Emmar's integrated solutions approach helped bring in sophisticated technology to production with large infrastructure support industries such as Railways, Defence, Steel, Power, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering; contributing to investor return enhancement.  Having been closely associated with global technological partners who provided Emmar with critical technological and technical support systems; our knowledge base extends across many specialisations. This base structure is our critical mass accrued that allows us to excel in providing our global Institutional Investors with state of the art product design and delivery. 

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